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Advance Care Planning

Updated: Apr 8

Your advance care plan is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones.

Only one out of three people has an advance care directive, but 67% of the population still needs one. Advance care planning reduces stress for you and your family members, who can follow your wishes without worrying if they're making the right choices.

An advance care directive refers to documents containing instructions about your wishes related to medical treatment if you cannot make care decisions for yourself. The primary documents are a living will and the appointment of a healthcare proxy who can convey your wishes to medical personnel.

In Florida (and many other states), these documents do not need to be prepared by a lawyer. To be honored, forms can be filled out and witnessed by two people.

There are many places to find forms, but here are a few suggestions:

Florida Healthcare Advance Directive

Five Wishes

Completing your advance care directive will give your family a unique and essential gift and give you peace of mind. Your end-of-life wishes will be known by those who can be there for you when you can't.

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