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My End of Life Doula Services

My scope of practice includes support from the time of a terminal diagnosis through progression of the illness to the vigil, time of death, after death, grief, and finally, recovery of life after loss. 


Please note that End of Life Doula services are individualized, meaning they can extend beyond the following list to meet the needs of my patients and their loved ones. As each life and death are unique, so too is each doula relationship.

Please contact me for fee information. My Doula service fees are tailored to the needs of my patients and families. I believe in each person's desire to have a dignified and comfortable end of life, so if you think you cannot afford my services, we can discuss a sliding scale option.

Here is a partial list of my services:
  • Companion to the dying person and their loved ones

  • Educating on the physical and emotional aspects of dying

  • Suggesting interventions for comfort

  • Coordinating with the patient's other service providers

  • Helping to facilitate unresolved issues

  • Advocating for the autonomy of my patients

  • Advising on advanced directives

  • Providing emotional support and a calming presence

  • Finding what matters in the time left

  • Preparing your wishes for end of life care

  • Planning the vigil

  • Creating a sacred environmental space

  • Coordinating with the funeral home

  • Writing the obituary and eulogy

  • Creating legacies and remembrances

  • Finding peace and acceptance

  • Helping patients and families work with and work through their grief

Limits to Practice
  • The End of Life Doula is not a home health aide and is not there for hands-on care but rather to be a companion to the dying and their loved ones. 

  • The Doula will not directly make decisions related to end of life care for the patient but can provide education, suggestions, and recommendations and leave it up to the patient and family to make decisions. 

  • The Doula will not give medical advice, perform medical tasks, or administer medications. However, she can share information so patients and families know what to expect.  

  • The Doula will not project her own beliefs and will remain non-judgmental. 

It is as natural to die as to be born… 
— Francis Bacon
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